Cloud Services

The Cloud is Perfect For Small Business

Minimal Upfront Costs, Streamline Operations, Stay Competitive

Free of upfront costs, cloud computing helps small businesses streamline their operations meaning they can focus on staying competitive

The Cloud refers to a centralized location on the Internet that stores data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Small businesses have embraced the Cloud because it has a number of benefits, including:

    • Reduced Cost – Using the Cloud over physical file storage can save a significant amount of money.
    • Ease of Use – Saving and accessing files on the Cloud is easy, making it an attractive option, even for non-technical small business owners.
    • Flexibility – The Cloud, and the way you use it, can grow and change as your business needs grow and change.
    • Mobility – With your data in the cloud it gives you the ability to securely access it anywhere with mobile devices
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Brew City PC offers a great selection of cloud based services for every business. Startups and established companies can immediately enjoy the minimal upfront cost and unlimited expandability of hosted cloud services.

ExchangeDefender Suite  Offsite Backup  Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint & Lync 2013

ExchangeDefender: Your Mail Servers New Best Friend!

ExchangeDefender is simply a internet cloud based message hygiene and business toolkit that can secure and save your business by providing enterprise-grade: AntiSPAM, Virus Filtering, Web File Sharing, Encryption, Live Archive and more.

ExchangeDefender Features:

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  • Proprietary tempfail mechanisms keep obvious SPAM from clogging your users reports.
  • Keeping you off blacklists by enforcing SPF and Domainkeys and scanning outgoing email.
  • Making your employees more productive by giving them control over their spam and policies.
  • Full outbound scanning with MagicKey automatically whitelists responses and bypasses SPAM filters.

Web Filtering

  • Agent-based web filtering with over 80 site categories.
  • Protection that works in office and on the road with any web browser.
  • Realtime per-user reports help isolate problem sites and resource misuse.
  • Custom URL lists allow for a flexible enforcement and exceptions.


  • Provides multithreaded protection using 6 different commercial antivirus engines.
  • Protecting you from viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware.
  • Stopping identity theft by blocking phishing and adding authenticity to your mail messages.

Web File Sharing

  • Secure and policy-controlled web file storage and sharing portal.
  • 128-bit SSL security and optional password protected file storage.
  • Full audit reporting of all activity and extension policy blocking.
  • Regulatory compliance featuring automatic content expiration and access notification.

Live Archive

  • Always-on, realtime archiving powered by Exchange 2010 across 2 data centers.
  • Up to 1 year of inbound and outbound mail* actionable through Outlook Web Access.
  • Keeping you in business using our secure standby servers with your identity.
  • No management, maintenance, manual switches or software to install.


  • Policy-based encryption rules to mandate encryption to/from email addresses and domains.
  • No software to install and configure, fully transparent process to the sender.
  • Standards based TLS/SSL SMTP combined with 128bit SSL encrypted web application.
  • On-demand encryption for instant encryption without policy rule management.

Archiving & Compliance

  • Flexible, long-term archiving for 1-10 years.
  • Exchange Journaling technology assures full archiving of all inbount, outbound and interoffice email.
  • Fast Microsft SQL 2008 indexing provides quick search results in emails as well as attachments.
  • Affordable archiving with storage fees that grow with your business.


  • Enabling you to be more productive and efficient through ExchangeDefender Client Software.
  • Delivering a more accountable mail infrastructure with user, network and business KPI reports.
  • Full message previews in realtime through the portal and email Daily and Intraday digests.
  • Full integration with Autotask and ConnectWise for support, statistics, billing and configurations.

Secure Offsite Backup

Brew City PC Offsite Backup solutions use an enterprise-class offsite backup infrastructure based on the award-winning AhSay backup and replication platform. With Dell and EMC storage network spanning two continents, our offsite backups deliver the security and reliability of enterprise design featuring triple offsite redundancy without the sacrifice of local storage. Best of all, the multi-platform offsite backups are all inclusive and provided at an affordable rate competitive with what you’d expect to pay for backup software alone.

Offsite Backup Features:

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Global Redundancy

Offsite Backups are currently available on two redundant grids in United States and Europe. United States replication grid consists of high density storage servers in Dallas, TX with replication partners in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. European replication grid includes London, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands. By uploading your clients’ critical data to ExchangeDefender you are not just shifting a single point of failure, you are introducing a geographically redundant storage network to secure your clients most critical data.

Continuous Data Protection

Offsite Backup product features continuous data protection allowing you to upload snapshots of file changes as soon as they are made. This way you can always help your clients recover any changes made during the workday. ExchangeDefender does not enforce ratios of offsite to onsite backups so you can use any storage appliance of your choice to store data locally as well as offsite.

Built-In Retention Policies

Offsite Backup product is very useful for compliance and business retention policies by allowing you to design backup sets with specific retention intervals spanning years if necessary (for financial documents). Retention policies can be combined with Continuous Data Protection to store changes locally and provide a more cost-effective and comprehensive data retention solution.

Seeding & Bandwidth Throttling Option

For small remote sites with slow Internet connectivity uploading large backup sets at full speed is frequently not an option. For larger companies, backing up hundreds of GB over the Internet can take a long time. Our offsite backup solution can help with both. Each backup agent can have its bandwidth throttled to a set rate so that the Internet connection is not fully consumed with offsite backup activity. For larger backup sets we do offer seeding services which involve mailing clients data to one of ExchangeDefender data centers for manual upload. This allows you to get the initial backup done quickly and only use your bandwidth for changed files.

All-Inclusive Agents

Offsite Backup solution includes agents for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows Server (32bit or 64bit), Apple Mac OS X 10.4+, Linux, Solaris and Novell. Backup agents also natively backup Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Volume Shadow Copy snapshots. All of these are included in the monthly cost, with an optional addon to include Exchange brick-level backups (individual mail items).

Reporting, Access and Reliability

Offsite includes extensive reporting functionality, giving you true insight into what is being backed up. Offsite backups can be accessed at any time and restored over the Internet just by downloading and installing the agent. In case of a catastrophic event at ExchangeDefender, your data is stored in multiple data centers. Security is simplest of all – your data is encrypted using a 256bit RSA key on the client server or workstation and is transmitted via SSL to ExchangeDefender.
Offsite Backup

Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync 2013

ExchangeDefender has designed the next generation of affordable, reliable messaging, and portal solutions using: Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013, Lync 2013, and the full ExchangeDefender suite of security, business continuity, archiving, encryption and collaboration features.

Our hosting solutions are provided from over 42 data centers across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and protected by ExchangeDefender Security & Business Continuity. Together with LiveArchive and generous 10GB storage limit, we are able to deliver a powerful and scalable solution at the level that even most enterprise clients cannot provide with in-house servers. With over 10 GB of storage shared between an Exchange mailbox, SharePoint portal, public folders and sites, you can store a ton of data now and in the future.

Hosted Exchange Flowchart

ExchangeDefender Exchange + SharePoint Hosting includes

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Exchange 2013

Microsoft Exchange 2013 is at the core of our offering, providing a powerful messaging solution including a free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook Web App 2013 compatible with most web and mobile browsers, ActiveSync sync for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android & Palm and powerful scheduling and messaging functionality.

Sharepoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides the online portal and groupware functionality, integrated with our Exchange 2013 offering to provide seamless calendar and document management, task lists and powerful group collaboration.


All the data sent and received by your mailbox is secured and protected from SPAM, viruses and other dangerous content by ExchangeDefender. It enforces your corporate policies, assures regulatory compliance requirements and provides a transparent email encryption system. Through desktop addons ExchangeDefender also gives you the ability to share large files and protect users from dangerous content on the web.

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive features a real-time copy of your incoming and sent mail on a separate Exchange 2013 environment in the cloud. With a year’s worth of email automatically archived you can count on being productive with full access to your email even during maintenance intervals or service emergencies. ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is available exclusively with ExchangeDefender.

10 GB Storage Per User

Our hosting service is something you can count on for years – with enough room to store over 10 years of email (average user). With the quota allocation of 10 GB assigned to each user, giving you plenty of room for attachments, voicemail and document storage that is shared between your mailbox, SharePoint and public folders you can rest assured you will never run out of space.

Public Folders

With our hosting you don’t have to change the way you work. While Microsoft recommends you replace Public Folders with SharePoint, current software solutions and users rely on Public Folders extensively. With our solution you can use many legacy software solutions built on Public Folders, along with shared contact lists and document libraries.

Sharepoint Mapped Drive

Are you used to having a mapped drive shared by all the employees? With SharePoint 2013 you can securely map a document library to a drive letter, giving you access to shared storage from any computer, in office and on the road.

Mail Enabled Contacts and Distribution Groups

ExchangeDefender’s Exchange 2013 implementation gives you the full power of Exchange 2013, including mail enabled contacts and distribution groups. You can easily forward mail from your domain to an external email address or create mailing lists on demand.

Administration Portal

Through the secure administrative portal you can make changes to your configuration on demand. You don’t have to be an Exchange expert or even an IT professional to configure all the advanced Exchange options. Everything from creating mailboxes, changing passwords, suspending accounts and managing complex public folder permissions is easy and applied within 60 seconds!

Mobile Device Support

Got a mobile workforce? Exchange 2013 supports most mobile devices through ActiveSync and Outlook Web App. While you can always connect securely using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP), you can also sync your iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm and Android. Outlook Web App, new in Exchange 2013, provides nearly identical Outlook experience in most modern browsers.

Branded Experience

Got a large deployment that wants the reliability of ExchangeDefender with the look and feel of a home server? Not a problem. We can brand the Outlook Web Access Experience.