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shopkeep2Point of Sales Systems are a key component in any retail or restaurant operation. If your business is still relying on antiquated cash registers on a daily basis quite simply your missing out on priceless data that will increase sales, reduce losses, and give your customers a better experience.

Its the misperceived fear of Point of Sale systems that is truly hindering the growth of your business. In the retail industry it is critical to have the tools that only a POS can provide at a moments notice. The most obvious being: error free sales transactions, accurate pricing, inventory management, employee time-clocking, customer tracking & forecasting, automated purchase orders and sales/ daily closing reports.

If you currently have a Point of Sale system then you know the benefits it can bring. Brew City PC can assist with upgrading your system, providing new hardware, and troubleshooting any issues you may be having.



Brew City PC is not affiliated with any POS systems on the market, simply because we quite simply believe that each of our POS clients are unique. We want you to know that when we recommend a solution to you it is because it’s whats right for your business, not just because its better for our pocket book.

The systems shown below are a few that we think offer great value for the money, are easy to use, and can be implemented into most businesses with minimal interruption.

Mobile / Tablet Point of Sale Systems

ShopKeep POS

shopkeepShopKeepPOS is a very easy to use cloud based Apple iPad POS system. ShopKeep has won numerous awards for their software as well as their customer service experience. The shopkeep iPad system wireless communicates with your cash drawer, receiptUMPA_term_shopkeep printer, barcode scanner and has a credit card swipe built right into the iPad’s case. This means you can mount the iPad register at your checkout or walk your store with it and ring up customers along the way. In addition there is a ShopKeep iPhone app that lets you check in on your sales even when your not there.

We encourage you to take a closer look at ShopKeepPOS and contact us for more information.

Visit ShopKeepPOS Website

GoPago Live

GoPagoGoPago LIVE is the best POS system to help you run your business. It is the only solution that includes everything you need, including the cloud-based POS software and point of sales hardware, a pre-configured tablet, and Verizon 4G LTE data plan.


Every GoPago LIVE POS system is integrated with GoPago’s Mobile Storefront, which allows your customers to access your mobile store, and order and pay from their smartphone. GoPago’s Mobile Storefront is a mobile payments platform that modernizes brick-and-mortar businesses.

GoPago LIVE POS is a very modern system that is also very affordable at only $69 per month with no contract required.

We encourage you to take a closer look at GoPago LIVE POS and contact us for more information.

Visit GoPago Live Website

Standard Computer Based Point of Sale Systems


accuposlogoAccuPOS is a traditional POS system using standard computer hardware to run their award winning s


oftware. AccuPOS software is available in a retail version, and a bar / restaurant operations version. AccuPOS Point of Sale Software is an Award Winning POS System and the preferred system of QuickBooks.  Their POS Software will
provide your business with a complete POS solution; saving you time and money, by merging all of your POS transactions with your accounting software. AccuPOS sets the industry standard in accounting software integration and drastically reduces double-work.

We encourage you to take a closer look at AccuPOS and contact us for more information.

Visit AccuPOS Website


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