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Networking Hardware,
Installation & Support

A reliable, secure, network is one of the most critical components of every business today.

Issues like internet / network downtime, poor WiFi, slow performance, and security vulnerabilities can crush productivity. Brew City PC can handle supporting all your network needs. We can assist with:

Network Cabinets and Racks

Patch Panels

Network Switches

Security Gateway/Firewalls

Wireless Access Points

Already Have Equipment?

Brew City PC can maintain and support most popular networking equipment platforms available. We are familiar with all the major brands such as Cisco, WatchGuard, SonicWall, Fortinet, and Palo Alto to name a few. We offer administration, maintenance and support for your critical security hardware. Currently Brew City PC is a registered dealer with WatchGuard, SonicWall, Calytpix, Datto, and Cisco Meraki UTM firewall appliances.

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Low Voltage Cabling

Your business is connected—to your network, to the Internet and to you. So, having a properly wired network is crucial to your ongoing operations. Many contractors don’t understand the importance of proper network connections—but Brew City PC does. Our team can run just about any low-voltage data cabling, including Category 5e/6, Coax (RG6), and Alarm/Security Cables. We use only high quality wire and components to ensure a secure, hassle-free connection for your entire office.

Consultation and Design


You Are you looking to build a new office, or expand to multiple locations? Unfortunately proper cabled and WiFi networking is often overlooked or designed inadequately. Brew City PC can take a look at your plans, design cabling pathways, supports, and jack locations to suit your custom needs. Additionally we can also design WiFi networking coverage maps to ensure WiFi propagation throughout your new facility.

Server Rack & Datacenter Clean-Up


You know that network closet or server rack in your office that’s a total mess? It’s likely almost impossible to troubleshoot anything. We can do a complete clean-up, including proper cable management, removing old hardware that’s no longer in user, and ensure all connections are patched properly. Our team reorganizes racks and cabling from simple small network setups, to much more complex environments with multiple racks, switches, firewalls, fiber, and server infrastructure.

Get Worry-Free Office Moves


Moving to a new office is always a chore. Let us take one thing off your plate, and make sure when you setup your desks and cubicles you can count on a working network. We’ll handle all the cabling, from setting up your network rack and running network cabling, to verifying all connections. We will make sure you up and running on day one!

Technology Moving Services


While you’re packing and unpacking boxes, we’ll take care of your technology. From computer, server and network take down and setup to WiFi and phone system installation, we are here to help make this process seamless. If you’re in need of new equipment for your new place, we have solutions for you from POS and digital displays to surveillance cameras and security systems.

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