The most powerful Microsoft Teams feature you might not know about.

The most powerful Microsoft Teams feature you might not know about.

If you’ve been using Microsoft Teams for some time now, you’ll know how powerful it is for online collaboration between you and your colleagues. Teams have many features, and there’s one that you might not know about – that is the ability to make and receive telephone calls.

It’s an additional bolt-on that can be enabled within the Office 365 environment – in this article. We will be discussing some of the business benefits of using Microsoft Teams Phone.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Supplying staff with their own phone is always a question that comes up. Many like to divide their work and personal life with two separate phones. However, for others, it’s a real hassle to have to carry around two devices which just complicates things.


There is now a new way to manage your work calls – with Microsoft Teams Voice, whatever side of the fence you sit on. Install Teams on your personal device, and with the right security policies in place, you can make and receive work calls on a work number using your personal cell phone.


Teams Voice has been around for some time now, and we’re seeing more and more organisations utilising the service as it can help reduce the costs of costly cell phones and, at the same time, give the workforce the flexibility to use their personal device for making and receiving work calls.


Virtual Numbers


When you enable Microsoft Teams Voice, you can dictate exactly what users get the service and apply a virtual number to their account. This virtual number can then be used for incoming calls, and when dialling out from Teams, anyone on the other end of the call will see the virtual number.


Options also include the ability to choose the location of the number. For example, if we had a remote employee based in one part of the country but wanted to give the impression that they were local, we could supply a local virtual number. This even expands across the globe, so no matter where your staff are located, you can choose the right local number for them.


Management & Reporting


When it comes to managing voice usage, Microsoft has an extensive management suite that your It provider can access for administration. Having all the company numbers housed under office 365 allows you to keep track of what numbers are allocated and report on-call usage.

The benefit to this is having all the data in one place instead of relying on a third party. If a user leaves the company or you have new employees, onboarding and provisioning of numbers can be executed at the touch of a button.


If you would like further information on how you can implement Microsoft Teams voice features into your business, then get in touch with us today.

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