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Does your WiFi bring customers in the door?

WiFi Marketing is the relationship engine that helps you know what your customers do in the real world, so you can keep them rushing back for more.

WiFi doesn’t need to be just for internet access. It can be used to your advantage to capture valuable user information so you can easily reach your clients. Keep them coming back through the door. Be a part of this latest technology. Get a leg up on your competition. WiFi marketing creates revenue.

Automated Marketing

It's time to truly understand your customers by sending messages that are automatically triggered by your guests' unique visit behavior.

Grow Your Connections

Our WiFi marketing solutions turns your WiFi network into an automated contact collection tool—effortlessly growing your customer list 5x faster than before.

Increase Customer Retention

Don't guess the effectiveness of your online marketing. Send personalized automated messages and have the capability to see which messages bring customers through your door.

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WiFi marketing keeps customers coming through the door.
How it works:
  1. It all starts with WiFi
    We install your WiFi access points so that your customers will get instant access to free, fast and secure WiFi.
  2. Customizable portal
    This system automatically builds your contact list over WiFi through a portal that you can customize with your branding in mind. It comes complete with demographic and visit behavior statistics.
  3. Collect contact 5x faster
    You can send the right message at the right time with our automated campaign tools. Personalize messages to each individual customer based on behavior, demographics, and more.
  4. Calculate the success of your marketing
    We show you exactly how well your marketing is working by calculating the Walk-Through Rate™. This shows how many customers respond to messages by physically walking through the business doors.
  5. Build your reputation
    Get direct feedback and take control of your reputation. You can tell satisfied customers which popular review sites matter most (so they can leave their reviews there) while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.
The Future of WiFi Marketing

96% of consumers prefer a business that offers free WiFi 0

78% of Facebook users only use their smartphone. 0

74% of people are happy for retailers to send email or text promotions while using in-store WiFi. 0

60% of millennials say free WiFi is their number one hotel park. 0

The success rate for businesses who offer free WiFi. 0

82% of people check their phones in store before shopping. 0

56% of social media users will log in with their profiles in exchange for a customized brand experience. 0

50% of consumers feel comfortable making big purchases if in-store WiFi is available. 0

19% of all in-store conversions are influenced by mobile. 0

By 2021, there is expected to be around 3.8 million smartphones in use throughout the world! We keep them constantly within our reach, and undeniably we rely on them for information throughout our day. This is why WiFi marketing is such an amazing opportunity!

By 2021

global mobile data traffic will amount to 49 exabytes per month—that’s 49,000,000,000,000mb.

Three Reasons To Implement WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing is one of the few marketing technologies that really is for every business which interacts with the public. Here’s why.

  1. It creates an invaluable customer database
    As people log on to your WiFi network, they hand over contact details to you. Obtaining these via other forms of marketing is becoming increasingly tough, but when you throw in the promise of free WiFi… people are happy to do so.
  2. You’ll gain better insight into customer behaviors
    How often do people visit your premises? When they do, how long do they stay? Which locations are more popular for them? What offers get them interested the most? With WiFi marketing, you finally get access to this insight.
  3. It’s genuinely valuable for customers
    You’re giving them what they want: free WiFi. But you’re also providing hints on stuff they don’t realize they want until it appears in front of them: great, relevant offers.

Targeted Marketing Made Easy

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