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Why do you need WiFi network and WiFi management packages?

Simple, Manageable, Reliable WiFi Network

Many restaurants, cafes, and hotels currently have outdated, slow, insecure, and limited WiFi range. Customers today demand fast WiFi connections at establishments they frequent. Not only does your business need fast connections, but secure connections. PCI Compliance requirements demand network separation and security. Be secure against rogue access points, brute force attacks, malicious code, and more.

Brew City PC will set up the dependable WiFi network that is right for you. Providing the I.T. solutions you need, from people you trust!

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Our Packages Include:
  • Cloud managed, business class routers with dual WAN failover capabilities
  • Cloud managed, enterprise class, high-powered WiFi Access Points
  • Multiple network setup (secure internal, POS/PCI Compliant card environment, guest)
  • 24/7 network monitoring—outages, equipment failure—we’re notified
  • WiFi Network analysis and heatmap—ensuring you’re covering the area you want covered
  • Customized guest network splash pages, terms of service, branded logins
  • Network controls—bandwidth throttling, time limits, usage limits
  • Integrate Facebook with guest network access—gain check-ins and likes
  • Integrates with many 3rd party ad platforms and hotel guest systems
  • Automatic hardware firmware and security updates
  • Remote or on-site support (business hours)

When you have a business that operates largely with the help of computers, tablets, internet and wireless devices, and you run into a problem, it can be absolutely nerve-wracking! However, ever since we started going through Brew City PC, we have had a lot of our stress taken away! They have been amazing taking our around-the-clock calls, and figuring out the problem, as well as a solution in the matter of minutes. They have not only provided us with the amazing professional work and knowledge we needed to deal with our IT problems, but they also have provided us with a huge deal of comfort. We highly recommend Brew City PC.

—Hilary and Heidi, Roots Coffee Bar & Cafe

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